Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool


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Eliminates Dust You Couldn’t Reach With Our Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool

Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool

The MasterDuster™ Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool is a vacuum attachment ideal for getting to those difficult to reach places and delicate places.

Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool

It’s perfect for getting rid of dust in places you thought vacuums couldn’t reach.

This universal vacuum attachment fits any vacuum, and it is unlike any attachment you’ve ever owned!

Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool

Removes dust you couldn’t reach before. Ideal for vents, ceiling fans, keyboards, drawers, window blinds, furniture, cars, and more.

It’s the most efficient cleaning tool ever! Works well for removing pet dander and loose hair.

Made with dozens of powerful, flexible, tiny suction tubes that can go nearly anywhere dust hides! Ergonomic grip for comfort and control.

Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool


Easy to pick up dust particles, hair, nasty crumbs, and even pet fur from all angles without hassle.

Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool

Attaches Easily

To all vacuums, pop it on, and you’re ready to vacuum dust in minutes.

Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool


Allows you to do less work and get twice the results. Easily accessible, and a breeze to clean up once you’re done.

Twice As Effective

Gets deeper and more effectively into those difficult to reach corners that a regular vacuum can’t do. It allows you to clean those tough corners without bending or reaching.

Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool


  • Weight: 0.16 Pounds
  • Length: 13 inches (7.5 CM)

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34 reviews for Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool

  1. Izabella F.

    It did a great job of cleaning my keyboard and lots of other places that kept small pieces in place instead of sucking everything in and dried floral arrangements that kept everything intact.

    Image #1 from Izabella F.
  2. Elisa C.

    I vacuumed my mother’s collection of dolls that were covered in dust and cobwebs with lots of beading and feathers without any damage to any of the delicate features.

    Image #1 from Elisa C.
  3. Yasmine F.

    Love this little gadget for wishing away, hair, crumbs, hidden dust, etc. It gets into tiny spaces without disturbing other items or making a huge project out of getting rid of a little unwanted particles.

    Image #1 from Yasmine F.
  4. Cole I.

    Awesome tool, so far I’ve used it on blinds, patio door, in between windows, in between car seat and works amazingly!

    Image #1 from Cole I.
  5. Will A.

    As a owner of a cleaning company I have found this tool very effective and extremely useful.

    Image #1 from Will A.

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