Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film

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2 Pcs Round + 2 Pcs Rectangle
2 Pcs Round + 2 Pcs Rectangle
2 Pcs Oval + 2 Pcs Rectangle
2 Pcs Oval + 2 Pcs Rectangle

Get Clear 360 Visibility, Even In The Rain!

Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film

Driving in the rain can be difficult and dangerous! The patented NanoKit™ Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film allows you to see clearly in any weather condition, even during a rainstorm or misty day!

Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film

Universally designed, it fits all standard rearview mirrors and side windows. It wicks away rain and moisture the second it touches it so you can see all the time.

Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film

It can protect your driving sight line when it’s raining and help you forecast the next surroundings when passing or changing lanes. Make every day on the road safe and happy!

Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film

Features And Benefits:

  • Long-lasting
  • Support heated mirrors
  • Rainproof, anti-fog and anti-glare
  • PET+Nano coating protective rainproof film
  • Provide clear vision and safer driving conditions
  • Freely cut it into pieces according to your needs
  • Protect rearview mirrors and side windows from unwanted scratches, smears, dust, and dirt.

Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film

Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film


  • Round (For Rearview Mirror): 95mm x 95mm (3.74in x 3.74in)
  • Oval (For Rearview Mirror): 150mm x 100mm (5.71in x 3.94in)
  • Rectangle (For Side Window): 200mm x 175mm (7.87in x 6.89in)

Easy Installation:

Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film

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31 reviews for Protective Anti-Fog Rainproof Film

  1. Emmanuel V.

    It looks perfectly even with heavy rain even at night they do not allow the lights of the vehicles behind you to disturb the vision when driving.

    Image #1 from Emmanuel V.
  2. Melina C.

    Surprised that it works, the area you apply for the film, it reduce rain drops as you compare to the area without the film. Especially in the raining season, it helps a lot!

    Image #1 from Melina C.
  3. Niko H.

    This could be one of the most amazing thing I bought. I always have hard time to see clear through the side mirror when it’s raining. It solve all the problem, help to see much clear.

    Image #1 from Niko H.
  4. Anna O.

    It is very hard to wipe your side mirrors when you live in a place where it rains a lot. Planning on buying another one for another car.

    Image #1 from Anna O.
  5. Brittany Z.

    Bought this for my husband’s old car which fogs up so easily and rain tends to gather in the mirrors. This works as anti fog and also repels rain droplets. Great product!

    Image #1 from Brittany Z.

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