Portable Mini Washing Machine – USB Powered Ultrasonic Washer


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Get 1 - $24.95
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Fast Method For Getting Your Clothes And Dishes Clean

Are you tired of cleaning your clothes and dishes manually every day? Don’t you wish there was a faster method of getting your clothes and dishes clean?

We introduce the Sonikku™ Portable Mini Washing Machine!

Just throw it into any tub of water and let it quickly and efficiently clean your clothes and dishes.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and reap the benefits of this fantastic portable tool!

Use It Anytime, Anywhere

It has a minimalist design that doesn’t require much space. You can use it anytime, anywhere, whether you’re at home or traveling abroad.

Lightweight And Compact

It is easy to carry, suitable for home, business trips, travel, and camping.

Stain Removing, Degreasing, Emulsification, Peeling

Combining four-stage cycle cleaning, high-frequency vibration cavitation, and high-pressure waves accelerates the dispersion, emulsification, and peeling of liquids and stains to achieve cleanliness.

USB Power Supply

It is rechargeable via USB and can be connected to your mobile device.

Water Conservation

Save gallons of water by reducing constant water flow. Fill up a tub, place the ultrasonic washer, and let it work!

Quick Wash Mode

30-minute quick wash mode, so you can wash clothes frequently without stress.


You can use it for washing fruits, vegetables, glasses, jewelry, etc.

Oxidation Bubble

High-pressure water sprays water into the air. Thousands of bubbles burst in the water, producing oxidized bubbles, accelerating the stain.

How To Use:


  • Power Supply Method: USB
  • Voltage: DC 10V
  • Power: 6W


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19 reviews for Portable Mini Washing Machine – USB Powered Ultrasonic Washer

  1. Londyn P.

    I use it as a dishwasher. I soak dishes in water and turn on this machine for about 10 min. Then I rinse with a sponge. Very clean and I like it

    Image #1 from Londyn P.
  2. Emilee M.

    I love it! It’s great for hand washable items and it doesn’t get tangles. This little machine is saving me valuable time and hand moisturizer lol.

    Image #1 from Emilee M.
  3. Mariam H.

    Perfect for lingerie, baby clothes, or anything that should be washed separately, save time and water.

    Image #1 from Mariam H.
  4. Marlene D.

    Works wonders. Love it will buy more for my mom and family

    Image #1 from Marlene D.
  5. Preston B.

    I bought for my camper so I can wash my clothes or dishes. Great product

    Image #1 from Preston B.

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