Magical Drawing Board


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Medium (A4 Size)
Medium (A4 Size)
Large (A3 Size)
Large (A3 Size)

Keep Your Kids Entertaining For Hours While Nurturing Their Creativity

Magical Drawing Board

Childhood toys should not be about smartphones only. Our MagicLight™ Magical Drawing Board allows your kids to create amazing drawings and boost their creative potential.

Magical Drawing Board

It will leave no stain or dirty hands, furniture, and wallpapers at home spared from your kids’ handwriting. We know your kids will love this drawing board, so order more for siblings!

Magical Drawing Board

Fun for the whole family! Even adults will have fun with this drawing board. Alternatively, use it to tell a story to your kids. Turn the lights off, and you’ll be ready to put on an incredibly light drawing show!

Magical Drawing Board

Features And Benefits:

  • ISO Certified
  • Eco-friendly and harmless to the eyes
  • Leaves no stain or dirty hands
  • Fun for the whole family
  • An ideal gift for kids of all ages
  • Pencils and paints are no longer needed
  • Reveals kids’ drawing skills and creativity
  • Prevent kids from being addicted to smartphones

Magical Drawing Board

How It Works:

By using the special flashlight marker stylus, you can draw lines and pictures on the board. The board is made of ABS and light-accumulating materials that accumulate light for 30 to 40 minutes. With the contact of the stylus light, the light lines are kept for a while and visible on the board.

Magical Drawing Board

Recommendations For Use:

  • The less light there is in the room, the brighter the picture will be.
  • Do not paint on the board with anything but a flashlight marker.
  • Do not direct the marker light into the eyes.
  • It is recommended to keep the board in a dark place when not in use.

Magical Drawing Board

Drawing Board Sizes:

  • Medium (A4 Size): 20.5 × 5 CM (8.27 × 11.69 Inches)
  • Large (A3 Size): 29.5 × 5 CM (11.69 x 16.53 Inches)

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31 reviews for Magical Drawing Board

  1. Gianni D.

    This had the whole family engaged in drawing for hours, this drawing board makes every mark exciting and allows creativity to grow. This is ideal for traveling, we’re taking it in the plane with us! My husband 33 loves it too!

    Image #1 from Gianni D.
    Image #2 from Gianni D.
  2. Cecilia E.

    It came in a really nice box that makes a great present. I can’t wait to give it to my 4 year old son. He loves glow in the dark stuff, and I think this is going to be a big hit. I’m super excited about it, so if he doesn’t play with it, I’m going to play with it! 🙂

    Image #1 from Cecilia E.
  3. Jaylynn J.

    It works just like I expected. I Bought this for my daughters and they love it. They can use it to paint, it completely replaces paper and pen, and the quality is also very good. I would definitely recommend this.

    Image #1 from Jaylynn J.
    Image #2 from Jaylynn J.
  4. Emilee J.

    I bought this handy drawing board for a six-year-old child. She likes to do art, and her spelling is a little behind, so this drawing board will encourage her to practice. Of course, this made her happy for a while.

    Image #1 from Emilee J.
  5. Rebekah G.

    It comes with a pretty box. My daughter loves it and plays all the time. She could draw pretty well. Maybe she has talent on this way. Anyway this set is the best gift for your child.

    Image #1 from Rebekah G.

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