Interactive Tug Of War Dog Toy


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Keep Your Dog Active And Happy With This Interactive Toy!

Interactive Tug Of War Dog Toy

With this TugoWar™ Interactive Tug Of War Dog Toy, you can fix your dog’s biting problem as they enjoy playing for hours. In addition, you can rest easy knowing your things are safe – it’s a win-win!

It keeps your dog entertained and busy all day. The suction cup can easily stick to any smooth surface, so your dog can pull the rope as hard as they want. They will not know why it won’t come off, and your dog won’t win this tug-of-war!

Interactive Tug Of War Dog Toy

Dogs who seem bored can play with this interactive toy that encourages independent play.

It will ensure they get all the attention and playtime they deserve, even when you’re not available to give it to them!

Suitable for all dogs! It is designed to promote physical and mental health by providing intense exercise and cleaning their teeth at the same time!

Interactive Tug Of War Dog Toy

Features And Benefits:

  • Non-toxic: Made with high quality, non-toxic materials that your dog will enjoy for hours.
  • Safe Food Grade TPR Materials: FDA grade plastic and cotton fiber rope.
  • Extra Strong Suction: The suction cup can easily stick to the floor, wall, or any smooth surface.
  • Cleans Teeth: The chewing and pulling action cleans your dog’s teeth while releasing aggressive behavior without harm.
  • Ultra-Durable: It won’t break, snap, or unravel no matter how hard your dog pulls on it or how sharp their teeth are.
  • Easy Installation: Use anywhere in the house. Find a clean flat surface, stick it, and start.

Interactive Tug Of War Dog Toy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will it harm my pet?

A: Absolutely not! It was specifically designed with thick cotton fiber rope to prevent backfire or kickbacks.

Q: Will it damage the floor?

A: Absolutely not! It has been tested to work on flat surfaces without damage.

Q: Is it suitable for my dog breed?

A: Yes! We’ve had incredibly positive feedback from our customers with large and small dogs.

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37 reviews for Interactive Tug Of War Dog Toy

  1. Derek V.

    I am a professional pet sitter. We have a range of dogs that board at our home, some gentle chewers, some aggressive chewers, some that love tug-of-war. These toys have been fantastic and fit all of those needs. I would recommend these toys.

    Image #1 from Derek V.
    Image #2 from Derek V.
    Image #3 from Derek V.
  2. Roger N.

    She chews and tugs this toy and it still look brand new after two months of use. I put it in the box again at the end of the day and the next day she gets excited to see her toy again!

    Image #1 from Roger N.
  3. Tara Q.

    Love this! Now I don’t come home to chewed woodwork and furniture because he is too into his toys!

    Image #1 from Tara Q.
    Image #2 from Tara Q.
  4. Jerimiah G.

    These inexpensive toys are saving me hundreds of dollars in not having our personal belongings chewed to pieces! LOVE it!

    Image #1 from Jerimiah G.
    Image #2 from Jerimiah G.
    Image #3 from Jerimiah G.
  5. Stephany M.

    The product is durable and my dog have fun playing it. Suction design is great, it can adhere to the floor.

    Image #1 from Stephany M.

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