Windshield Cracked Glass Repair Kit


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Get 1 Set - $19.95
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Get 2 Sets (25% OFF) - $29.95

Repair Cracked And Damaged Glass In 20 Minutes

Windshield Cracked Glass Repair Kit

With its all new Nano repair technology, Nanoroji™ Windshield Cracked Glass Repair Kit repairs cracked and damaged glass in 20 minutes.

It minimizes crack appearance and stops them from spreading using an advanced resin formula. Repair various types of damage caused by traffic accidents, collisions, bumps and more.

Windshield Cracked Glass Repair Kit

Repair Any Cracked And Damaged Glass

Including bulls-eye, spider web, star-shaped damages, bugs, cobwebs, half-moon cracks, and some combination breaks.

Invisible Repair

Fill the air cavity with the strong penetrating adhesive that will bond the loose glass and restore the visibility.


Restore glass damages to near new condition and stop crack extension.

Easy To Use

Apply the repair resin directly. No complicated ingredient mixing is required.

Time-saving And Cost-effective

Save time and money by repairing instead of buying replacement glass.

Windshield Cracked Glass Repair Kit

Wide Applications:

  • Car Windshields
  • Windows
  • Furniture
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Gadget

Windshield Cracked Glass Repair Kit

How To Use:

Step 1: Clean the damaged area with a dry towel. Use a razor blade to remove glass debris.

Step 2: Put the rubber mouth in the center of the crack. Screw the resin chamber into the application base.

Step 3: Squeeze 3-6 drops of repair resin.

Step 4: Press in the repair resin to the damaged area.

Step 5: Remove the repair device.

Step 6: Drop a drop of the resin and paste curing strip without gaps.

Step 7: Move the car in sunlight or UV light for 5-20 minutes.

Step 8: Tear off the repair film and scrape off the residual resin.

Windshield Cracked Glass Repair Kit

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Repair Resin
  • 1 x Repair Device
  • 5 x Curing Strips
  • 1 x Sleeved Razor Blade
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet

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21 reviews for Windshield Cracked Glass Repair Kit

  1. Lindsey J.

    I am thoroughly impressed and so are other family members who have said they will now be using this for any windshield dings in the future. Awesome product.

    Image #1 from Lindsey J.
  2. Ariella N.

    This product is great. I just had my windshield replaced in January and a little of a month later a big truck with bad tire flaps kicked up a rock that hit my window, leaving a “Star” crack on the windshield. It took me less then 30 minutes to do. I will definitely recommend to others.

    Image #1 from Ariella N.
  3. Andrew V.

    This product greatly exceeded expectations. I had a small crack and a number of small “pock marks” on my car windshield. After using it, I can’t even tell where the crack was any more. Super easy.

    Image #1 from Andrew V.
  4. Phoebe S.

    Crack is now gone. I literally have to search to find it, and it is not noticeable. Great kit, high quality, easy to use, clear instructions.

    Image #1 from Phoebe S.
  5. Porter S.

    The instructions were clear, with pictures and good print quality. I am confident the product will protect the windshield from further cracking. This was a great product!

    Image #1 from Porter S.

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