Salad Cutter Bowl


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It’s Easy To Clean, Chop, And Serve Salad In Seconds!

Salad Cutter Bowl

Everyone loves fresh and healthy salads. But to prepare a salad at home, you must wash and rinse the lettuce, slice and chop all the ingredients, then slice and chop some more.

Salad Cutter Bowl

Inscut™ Salad Cutter Bowl cleans, chops, and serves salads in seconds! The clever slits take all the hassle out of rinsing and straining and allow you to chop all the ingredients at once!

Cutting boards free and no more slicing fingers! No need to clean too many containers anymore. All types of fruit and vegetables can be cut directly in the cutter bowl. It’s the easiest way to enjoy a fresh salad every day.

Salad Cutter Bowl

How To Use:

Step 1: Put all your ingredients in the strainer bowl and wash underwater.

Step 2: Set up the cover and the bowl, and slice it.

Step 3: Rotate the bowl in another direction and slice it again. If you prefer smaller pieces, repeat step 3, and slice several times, your lettuce will get nicely chopped up.

Step 4: Mix your ingredients and salad dressing together. Enjoy! Bon appétit.

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17 reviews for Salad Cutter Bowl

  1. Alison G.

    I like that the bowl can be used as a drainer when washing the vegetables and also a bowl for once its all chopped up. I would recommend this to everyone!

  2. Eddie H.

    This is making life so much easier. I’m trying to incorporate more salads into my diet and this is so easy to use. I can easily cut up my vegetables for salad.

  3. Theresa G.

    We eat a lot of vegetables and this is a quick way to cut them up. I am getting one for my friend for her birthday coming up. A must have product for your kitchen.

  4. Katelyn Z.

    I cut my salad up so quick and easy. It was simple to use with all vegetables I put in it to be chopped. I really like not having to clean up a mess when I was finished. I will be using this a lot.

  5. Dario U.

    It is so easy you can even let the kids help with the salad. It is a must have especially if you are trying to go healthy. I love it!

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