Pet Hair Remover Roller


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Tired Of Your Pet’s Hair Being All Over The Place?

Pet Hair Remover Roller

This Petto™ Pet Hair Remover Roller is the easiest, most convenient way to remove shedding from your furniture, carpets, bedding, and more!

Pet Hair Remover Roller

It is designed with a brush that uses an electrostatic charge to attract hair. The built-in dust bin collects hair and particles swept up, allowing easy disposal of hair and lint.

Say goodbye to dusty sticky tape and refills. Just wipe the pet hair roller with a wet cloth, and you can use it again!

Pet Hair Remover Roller

Electrostatic Adsorption

This reusable lint roller uses a specially designed brush that cleans up shedding by using an electrostatic charge to attract hair and dust. The result is a fur-free and lint-free surface that appears like new.

Pet Hair Remover Roller

Reusable And Convenient

You no longer need to buy sticky tape or refills. This roller is easy to clean and comes with a compartment that stores pet hair. Just wipe the brush with a wet cloth, and it is ready to be used again.

Built-in Dust Bin

As you remove pet hair, the brush also collects and stores shedding inside the brush head for easy disposal. Push the button that opens the lid to empty the compartment.

Pet Hair Remover Roller

Easy To Use

No batteries or electricity needed. Just move the roller back and forth to remove pet hair.

Pet Hair Remover Roller

Create A Hair-less Home

Use it on furniture, beds, carpets, sheets, pillows, clothes, and more. It works on a variety of surfaces, including cotton, linen, wool. You can use it in your car too.

Pet Hair Remover Roller

How To Use:

Step 1: Roll it back and forth in short strokes to trap them in the chamber.

Step 2: Press the handle catch to open the chamber.

Step 3: Remove all pet hair and reuse it again.

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24 reviews for Pet Hair Remover Roller

  1. Harper U.

    This is the second one I purchased so that I would have one in different areas of my home. I have never had a fur remover tool that was as good as this one! It is effortless to use, collects all the fur in a compartment that is simple to access and clean out. It picks up fur going in in a back and forth motion. The tool is self cleaning so you do not have to pull off the fur.

    Image #1 from Harper U.
  2. Desmond J.

    Shocked! Figured the best place was to try it on a small carpet we have in the living room for a real test. Looks like I vacuumed the carpet. Works great on a suede couch.

    Image #1 from Desmond J.
  3. Cindy Y.

    Get one for your car, too! Best thing EVER! This product is amazing. We have 2 large dogs and it has always been a challenge to vacuum and remove hairs from their beds. Sticky tape does not work well as it requires 20+ new strips. This gizmo takes care of that in a few minutes. You just roll it back and forth and once hair is picked up you open the little latch and take out the hair. If you have pets that shed this is well worth the money. Works on clothes too!

    Image #1 from Cindy Y.
  4. Julian I.

    This was so easy to use and voila, hair removed with just a few back and forth rolls. I rolled another bed comforter that doesn’t show the hair as much and was shocked by how much dog hair there was. So so happy with this product. Easy to use, no sticky tapes or bristle cleaning. Just open the collection bin and dump out the hair. Telling my friends.

    Image #1 from Julian I.
  5. Kassidy E.

    I have NEVER been so satisfied with any product I have ever used. This lint roller is absolutely PHENOMENAL. Seriously, BUY THIS. I will definitely be buying it as a gift for anyone who has pets. I literally go around trying to find things to lint roll lol

    Image #1 from Kassidy E.

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