Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad


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Get 1 - $29.95
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Get 2 (15% OFF) - $49.95

The Incredibly Comfortable Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad That Will Make Any Chair Ergonomic

Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad

ProWellness™ Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad is an award-winning product that molds perfectly to the shape of your bottom.

It provides the right support for you! Now you can sit all day, even in a hard chair, and still feel comfortable!

Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad

It features proprietary technology that absorbs pressure points by collapsing on itself.

Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad

That is why you can sit on an egg using this gel seat cushion, and it will not break under pressure. Sitting on this gel seat cushion feels like floating in the air.

Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad

Why Do I Need This?

Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad

The right support needs to be flexible and relieve pressure at key pressure points.

Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad

It is therefore essential to use sitting paraphernalia that will keep you comfortable, maintain your posture, and maintain the natural curve of your spine at all times.

Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad

Features And Benefits:

  • Supports your back and spine for maximum comfort
  • Pain relief from lumbar, hips, tailbone, pregnancy back, coccyx
  • Helps you maintain a healthy posture
  • Prevent soreness and stiff muscles caused by long sitting hours
  • Honeycomb design allows air to circulate underneath
  • Memory foam retains your shape
  • Prevents unwanted sweat and some diseases such as hemorrhoids
  • Take it anywhere, office, car, or outdoors
  • Portable and washable

Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad


  • Dimension: 15″ x 12″
  • Thickness: 1.5″

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad
  • 1 x FREE Washable Non-Slip Cover

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18 reviews for Gel Seat Cushion Support Pad

  1. Kaleigh B.

    This is very comfortable to sit on at the office for multiple hours at a time. The black cover included is a nice thing to have as it looks professional for an office setting. Would recommend!

  2. Demarion W.

    Present for person with severely limited mobility. He loves it! Comfortable, cool. Pad doesn’t slip in recliner or wheelchair. Helps prevent pressure sores.

  3. Adelaide S.

    This is the most comfortable seat cushion I have owned, the non-slip bottom is so incredible. And it is actually relief my pain, love it!

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